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Im having a very busy semester,that i can only sleep well 3 days/week top!!! I love fashion,i know i have a big passion for it.But sometimes its just exhausted..i've done so much freaking research about fashion,i mean,A LOT!!! And now,im getting tired of it if only you know what i mean.I dont hate it,im just really tired-physically and mentally. But i do feel grateful for all of the knowledge i've gained and i am also interested in alot of it.Top of the list maybe about the late 18th century early 19th century.Im fascinated about the changing in the silhouette and the very unique corsets.Also the craftmanship from 2 centuries ago WOW me,i just wonder how can they made things looks like we now call "haute couture" like that.
So maybe a specific post about that era? 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.