Hometown glory 1

These are the pictures from my trip back to my mother's hometown,Da Lat,one of the most beautiful places in Viet Nam..I have been there quite a few times but I have to admit every time is a different exciting experience which I enjoy alot.The trip was a nice and peaceful break after a intense semester I just had and I hope you like the pictures.

me and mommy

VietNamese black coffee with condensed milk.Addicting stuff!!

 I actually got this at the second hand market for 10.000 VietNamDong which means 
50 cent.And it is a 2 sided coat,what a deal!


The word means Chestnut! yes,Im having some

Each room has its own design of Christmas wreath

 Im having hot soybean

My silly face early in thje morning

This place is a full of beautiful amazing flowers,and I enjoyed walking around and taking these pictures in a breezy weather which SaiGon can never have.
The rest of the pictures I'll publish in a second post of this series since this one is already too long.I hope you enjoy the pictures,and please leave a comment below for anything you might want to know better about me or the places in VietNam.I'd be happy to answer and maybe recommend some places if you you want to.
I hope you have a good weekend everyone!