END OF MAY. That means summer has officially come.There are 2 seasons in the year that i love the most,winter and summer <3,even though in VietNam we get to wear shorts and tanks the whole year,in summer it just feels different.I dont like the overwhelming HOT,but the rest of it,its just PERFECT.

I love the  summer vacations-which i hope will come soon,and as i told you in the last post,i love water,so maybe not the pool yet,but in my bath tub 2-3 times a day? I know its not good for my skin ( but it is HOT- i mean the humid hot and its not good) so im gonna use some products for skin to avoid the dryness.I have here for the face is Johnson's baby cream-actually is for baby,but you know,they use this for baby so this is totally safe to any adult skin,especially sensitive like mine.And for the body i have the Vaseline healthy white lotion,Its UV -anti and helps lightening skin-Which i need,because the sun here is really intense.And i want to keep my skin white,like healthy white,not pale.(I dont look good in tan so its not an option for me) So i really need to think about some sun cream for daily use,beBluecause i havent found the perfect one for me.Any advices?

Short: Refuge
Ba: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: bought in Thailand

this is the amazing popping candy that my boyfriend got for me in the US :x

Johnson's baby cream and Vaseline lotion

Keep working on the research book about " Usure et Industrier",i'll show you when it is done :)



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hello summer

TRAVEL.I had a great trip to Ninh Chu beach at the center-south of Viet Nam last summer,and just do you know i am a summer lover.Love swimming,sunny,pool,beach,water,bikini...haha.Here in Ninh Chu,one step out of the resort,you will find it the typical suburb of the country,peaceful and quiet.The Aniise Vila Resort is beautiful,and my favorite part of the resort is definitely the dark blue (almost like black) pool.
I only stayed there for 2 days,and i didnt get many chances to take any photos at the beach because i dont like being on the salty water (even though i love the beach,i just hate the part that the water get into my eyes,and sand sticking everywhere on my body),so it was a bit pity.I promise i will BE on the beach,in the water and sand with many beautiful pictures.

Any tips for the beach-trip luggage for the next time?

dark blue pool

The pink bubble sandals




Here is little Lucky

                                                                            Kenzo book

 From the left : Xiu.Pepsi and old Lucky (we lost him now ) <3

 Cherries and apples

I love this potato :x


The start

Hi everyone,
So here it is the first blog,like a space for my self after all those years with other web communication.I have always wanted to share my passion about fashion,travel,and simply my lifestyle with others,and i hope this will be a good start for what's waiting ahead.

Love you all