New Language

Sorry for the lack of post lately,I've been crazy with many school project and also,my best friend from singapore payed me a visit this week only,so it has been really busy.Here are some more pieces from Valenciani which is one of the last because from this summer i have to spend more time to study a new language-French!!! Im getting excited already,how about you guys?Any ideas for summer yet?


Cat Woman

Here are some pictures of me wearing the t-shirt in the t-shirt project for workshop material class like i told you before.Today is a bad day for me,things have been crazy this week but i will post all the picture of all 9 different T-shirts in our project on someday soon,i promise.

                                                                   The Cat Woman version



I just want to do a quick post before heading to school for the workshop material class.Today is the deadline of the project called metro graffiti which we have to design the white T-shirt into something unique and also has the graffiti factor in it.Sounds quite easy but it is not.Because me and my teammates want to make a whole package from the t-shirt to the tags,boxes... So it took us almost 3 week to finish all,but it is all worth it.I'll show you the pictures on the later post.
Have a great weekend everyone!!! 



the first Research book

Me and my classmate have been working a project called usure et industrier,and we have to do a research book.We are more than half way there and so far i really love it (is it weird to say that you love your work?).And as you can see,these 5 pictures are represent 5 main stories of the book,this is the unfinished main pages,there should be the title too.Cid-my classmate,is very good at Photoshop,and his ideas are unique,you can tell by seeing those pictures.He is the kind of person that stand out of the crown because of his look and talent .I've always enjoyed working with him as a teammate and also as a good friend.Anyway,i hope you like the pictures!

Any uses of these pictures are allowed,but must give a link back to this blog.


for Valenciani

I've been doing some stylish practice at the brand called Valenciani (where my brother is the creative director).It helps me a lot on matching clothes with accessories,developing my own style due to one specific brand and simply open my eyes to the world of stylish-which is not as easy as many may think.No,it is not easy but does not mean it is impossible my dear.Especially when you work for a client,you have to follow their concept and still keep your own taste in it.So an advice for any newbie is be creative,confident and always have your own opinion harmonize with the client, do not lose yours or you wont stand out and the client will NOT book!!!

P.S: If you want to buy any pieces of those pictures,contact me on the comment box below or my e-mail on the profile box or visit http://www.valenciani.com/ for further information