Culinary in Saigon

Living in Sai Gon- Viet Nam for 19 years,never left here for more than 2 weeks,i have many Food experiences that i really want to show you guys.And if you have any chances to go to Viet Nam,dont be hesitate to contact me,i will try my best to help you find some places that worth the trip here.About Food,iI have to tell you,have a huge passion for 3 things: Fashion,Travel,and of course Food!!! So this post,i want to dedicate it to one of my passion,some cool restaurant in SaiGon that i've been to and im willing to show you guys this post.

First is a Korean Restaurant in the heart of the city,Choi Go Jib where you can find the best Korean culinary in Sai Gon in my opinion.There are many foreigner especially Korean go to this restaurant,and of course Vietnamese too! The food is really delicious but the price is quite high,but you can see that the place is amazingly in the center of the city,always grounded so this is definitely one of my most favorite restaurant of all. 

Second place is a French Bistro,where has the wonderful food with the good price for French culinary ( because speak of French,you can usually see something luxury ).They have the amazing oysters with grilled cheese and my favorite beefsteak with foie gras which is the goose's liver i think that i recommend you to try and many other great food.It is in 48 Le Thi Rieng street,district 1,Ho Chi Minh city.

Next place is a Vietnamese restaurant,with the good price and the great food,this is a place that i visit a lot during the weekends.It has the tradition food of Vietnam which is the Trang Bang rice paper with pork and other herbs,you have everything in the rice paper and roll it then dip it into homemade fish sauce or other kinds of seasoning sauce.They also have the sweet like the second picture below,taste like cheese but in a very gracious way,in Vietnamese we called this " chè khúc bạch" which is my favorite.

This is like a take-away shop,they have tables for people who want to eat there but for me,i usually buy and go home to enjoy.They have many typical Vietnamese food but the stand out must be the chicken sticky rice (like the picture below). Its a bit expensive for the roadside eateries but you don't eat sticky rice everyday,nothing to worry about!The place is also in the heart of the town,right on Nguyễn Trung Trực street,district 1,5 minutes walking away to the Ben Thanh market.Besides,there are some more good food there that i see many friends of mine enjoy like the corn sticky rice or the crab noodles.I recommend it all to you my dear <3

 There are many more that i want to show you but i have to say it was the last one for this post,i'll save more for the next post about Culinary in Saigon.



My mom was back home yesterday and I couldn't be happier,she looks great,and she misses me too! However,she can't stop complaining about how messy our home is and how lazy me and my dad are!!!Here are some loves from America that she and a good friend of mine,Nikki,sent back to VietNam for me.
Tell me which is your favorite?

Miss comfy comfy-aeropostale slipper

July's Đẹp magazine

Some pieces from Victoria's secrect <3

Full of colors everything!!!

VS's Pink Promise Body Lotion with cute potka dot package from Nikki

Denim short from "1955 Vintage"

Silver sneakers from DKNY

Oh and I loveee Cherry <3

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Gradient/Ombre Nails

Its been so long since the last post was published,and I'm sorry for that.My mom will come home from the 2 months-trip to the USA tomorrow and I'm quite excited,I miss her,and I know she has some goodies back for me,so the goodies post will soon be up.haha! The matter is my house wont be in a confusion as the past 2 months ( me and my Dad are kinda messy while my mom is very clean! ) and many good food are await!

About the nails,as you can see,the fading between 2 or more colors which is called the Gradient or Ombre Nails.You can search on youtube or google for the tutorial,Im sure you will LOVE it and it is impressively easy,trust me! Here are some pictures and video that i recommend you to take a look,because after like 20 videos on youtube,and 50 pictures from Google I like those ones the most,and i think it may be helpful for you,if you don't want to go around to find a good tutorial and color idea! 
Easy,breezy,beautiful <3

My mint-pastel yellow version of Gradient/Ombre Nails

Ohter amazing pictures from Google 

My puppies

Food Fight Project,I love Coco Rocha's pic



The first 2 pictures are from my own creation assignment about making layout for a personal Magazine from the available magazine.Which means i have to cut out many pages from different magazines and combine and associate it in my pages...all by hand!!!And here are 2 page of the total 5.The cover page is the cutting off flowers from Stella McCartney Ad and the model from Harper's Bazaar fashion photo shoot i think (i'm not sure about this).So you can see the flower took a lot of work to do,but i was worth it!!!Personally i think i nailed the Retro Spring target that i wanted it to be.What do you think about this? 
Because i already handed in the assignment to my teacher so not until the end of august,i wouldnt have it back!!!
Other pictures are random from the last week,have a nice weekend everyone <3

 The Name Rouge is the idea of my brother,it is French means Red.And i do think it sounds like a real Fashion Magazine.