First Photoshop experience

This Picture was the result of few days learning how to use Photoshop.I did make a few more for a project called "Ski Station" at school,requires us to look for 3 pictures,one is for research,one is the cover and last one-this one,is for inspiration.Since my professor did not want us to copy a picture that we could find on the internet,some of us struggled to learn Photoshop(including me).It was difficult at first,try to remember all the moves,the process,look for many varied inspirations and create your own...Hence,I had to always connect with the theme which is "Ski Station",for me it was quite confusing.Finally,this is what I came up with.Quite satisfied with this one,still one of my favorite till now.For the whole project I got a pretty good score.8,5,I believe.And I may or may not post pictures of it here,not decided yet.Because it was a year ago so everything is not on its best condition.So lets drop it here,I talk a lot about a picture,I hope you like it.I'll be back soon with a new post.


Bath and Body Works review

Well I've been into Bath and Body Works (BBW) for the longest time that I can't even remember,maybe 4,5 years?!?! Ok, not really long but yup,enough time for me to try out many of their products,especially shower gels.If you don't know about BBW then you can visit http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp  for plenty more of wonderful bath and body products. They always have amazing deals and sale so do check them out.And please this is not a sponsored post or anything,just sharing my great experience about some products that I've been adored for a long time.So lets jump into it....
BBW mainly has bath and body products (shower gels,bubble bath,body cream and lotion...),home fragrances,candles,body fragrances,soap and sanitizers.With every fragrances,they offer different beautiful package.So choosing and picking up one of thousands of products may be difficult.At least for me because I live in Vietnam so most of the shop is online shopping,so the package of the products and reviews are the main factors for me.Today I'll do review only on the scents I love and hate for the last years and they are some Shower Gels and PocketBac Hand Sanitizers.

My favorites

Signature Collection

Shower Gel

Black Raspberry Vanilla - $11.00
Black Raspberry Vanilla.This shower gel has an amazing smell of berries I suppose.I have a terrible nose problem which get me allergic to most fragrance but I just can't get enough of this one.The smell is really musky,slightly harsh but still comforting.The most fantastic thing is that it lingers on your skin hours later your shower.It is one of those get you the feeling "where is this smell coming from? It is really niceeee, Oh its the shower gel I toke this morning".There are not many comments on this scent on the BBW website so I don't know whether others like it or not.But as for me and my mom,we love it.

Twilight Woods-$12.50

Twilight woods. Another great scent from BBW,musky,warm and very rich smell of wood,obviously perfect for colder days I might say.If you like a stronger scent for your bath I suggest you go with this.In my experience,it also does not linger as long as the Black Raspberry Vanilla does,but I still like it though.

Pocketbac Sanitizing Hand Gel

Midnight Pomegranate -$1.75

As for these 2 Hand Sanitizers which I adored,they are the best sellers in the PocketBac Hand Sanitizer collection.The Midnight Pomegranate has the combination of pomegranate and spices,maybe abit of berries also.Really good smell suitable for the colder chiller weather.This scent has been my number one favorite hand gel since the very start of my addiction to BBW.Even when i love the scent,I can't find the same interest in the shower gel,it smells pretty much the same,but does not leave anything on my skin after 5 minutes.The link to the whole line is here http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=4304643&cp=4090260.4090355

Japanese Cherry Blossom-$1,75
The Japanese Cherry Blossom is also a really nice scent,first impression for me was that the alcohol smell is quite harsh.But then leads to a nice unique floral scent.I have to say very warm and floral if that makes sense.Actually I got to try the body lotion of this fragrance before and I like it a bit better because it doesn't have the harsh smell of alcohol at the beginning and also the smell is fresher.I also like the old packaging much better and you can find the whole line here 

So I enjoy most of the BBW products,but above that,there is 2 fragrances that I found no interest in and lets talk about why.

  Forever Red-$18.50
Forever Red $6 more than regular shower gels,actually the only one more expensive with the same amount of product (295ml).But I found lots of interest in this fragrance since one customer on BBW website said that "if you love Black Raspberry Vanilla then you'll love this".And so I decided to gave it a go.The packaging is cute,different than others,but surely not as luxury as in the picture.It appears in much more deeper plastic red bottle but still nice.As for the quality of the product,I found no change in the lathering and moisturizing texture.The scent is really sweet,even from the smell only,I can sniff the scent of lots of strawberries,and then deeper scent of some other fruits and flowers and specially alcohol.Just slightly like Rum ice-cream for me,actually is really nice.So don't get me wrong,I like the scent,it is just the price is too high compare to other products.Forever red $6 more expensive,I don't think I'll repurchase it,at least for the shower gel.Just too much for "not so different product".

Sweet Pea-$12.50
Sweet Pea.I don't like this scent simply because it causes me a terrible headache.I don't know why,maybe it is too sweet for my taste or lets say too girly.I gave it to one of my best friend and she loves it.Many other customer love it too,so i guess this is just me.If you like sweet,really sweet,girly floral scent then try it.It is indeed one of the classic fragrance of BBW.  


Flashback and resolution for 2014

I know I've been neglecting my blog for a while but I can not help myself from being lazy i guess,I don't have any excuses.I apologize.
It was a debate to start a blog at the beginning,until now,it is still very difficult for me to feel motivated.I don't blame anything for my lack of responsibility,on posting and updating.I know why my blog haven't grown any bigger,after a year,still only 5 suscribers. LOL. Im not proud,but yeah,still,I'm planning on posting some of my projects here on my blogspot, and share my interest on fashion,beauty,travel and food for anyone by chance got in to this blog.
Ill try,I'm not promise anything to anyone,but I will try to post more frequently.At least for my sake!!! 20 and still haven't found any kind of meaning or done anything that I can be surely proud of.
Who doesn't want to be big? Or be something?
I am one of those who have dreams but rarely do anything to reach that.Scared?Afraid?Too lazy?

Its 2014,well,January of 2014 is almost over,and I decided to do my resolution.( HAHAHA)

  • TOEFL.after a year quitting English class,still haven't got TOEFL test yet,what's wrong with me? I will do it this year.I WILL!!!
  • Do more exercises,I mean SERIOUSLY I'm in the WORST shape that I've ever been,and that horrible news is the result of sitting on my ass all day everyday,stick my eyeballs on the computer sceen either doing my work or watching movies.So I googled,and decided to do more Squat everyday.If you don't know what squat is, google it,it is a good exercise for your butt and thigh.Suitable for those who sits alot like me.
  • Less coke, I mean common,Its unhealthy. I've already had about 5 cokes this year,(I know I'm sucks).My fridge always fill with cokes and Olong tea,how can I resist that when I'm thristy? Anyone knows tell me.But I'll try to narrow it down as much as I can for sure.Just generally eating and drinking healthier.
  • Live and love. I know this sounds ridiculous but life is full of unexpecting things,and each year as I've grown,I try to treasure more things that I have,love my family and friends,be nice to people around me.Its a simple thing yet sometimes I got my selfishness get the most of me.So this year,I'll be a happier and kinder person to people around me.
  • Treasure my boyfriend. I did not include my boyfriend in the following resolution because I want to give him some credits for making me a better person.He quietly doing it for the past few years yet now I notice.This is gonna get a bit cheesy so if you are not interested,skip this one. So boyfriend,I made some horrible mistakes that you have forgiven me for everything.I am thank you and apologize to you again.Whenever I'm sad,disappointed,stressful,you are always there with encouragement and consolation.I'm thankful and grateful for everything.I can not say enough.Looking back having you as my boyfriend,I feel lucky.So if you're reading this,I love you,and thank you.
  • *Make money.The last thing on the list.I have never made money before.I did interned in a designer's boutique last summer,but only for experiences,not money of course.I do find myself is a dependent person,I rely alot on my parents.And I want to change that.I need to.Maybe start my getting some freelance projects or part-time job.It could not be that difficult right? finger crossed!!

So that is my resolution.This maybe the longest,bluest,most emotional post I've written.Yeah,sometimes I need that hahhaha. To this point I think I'm more optimistic after writing all of the resolutions,I feel like a better person already.Maybe I wont be able to do some of the things that I wrote,but at least I have the goals for this year.If you feel lost,stress out,or just useless,maybe you could try.It is like the motivation for yourself to start doing something. I hope you enjoy and be inspired,pleaseeee don't be depressed by the sorrow stuff that i wrote.You know you can be Something someday love.

           2013 Lunar New Year