First Photoshop experience

This Picture was the result of few days learning how to use Photoshop.I did make a few more for a project called "Ski Station" at school,requires us to look for 3 pictures,one is for research,one is the cover and last one-this one,is for inspiration.Since my professor did not want us to copy a picture that we could find on the internet,some of us struggled to learn Photoshop(including me).It was difficult at first,try to remember all the moves,the process,look for many varied inspirations and create your own...Hence,I had to always connect with the theme which is "Ski Station",for me it was quite confusing.Finally,this is what I came up with.Quite satisfied with this one,still one of my favorite till now.For the whole project I got a pretty good score.8,5,I believe.And I may or may not post pictures of it here,not decided yet.Because it was a year ago so everything is not on its best condition.So lets drop it here,I talk a lot about a picture,I hope you like it.I'll be back soon with a new post.

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