Classic Beauty

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are the 2 among my most favorite beauties in the 20th century.During my research about the last century,i want to show you some of my favorite pictures of them. It is hard to say who is more beautiful because i think they are all gorgeous in their own way. Their beauty reminds me of the glorious 50s and makes me fell in love with the black and white picture all over again.


What a beautiful eyes she has!


Grace Kelly looks gorgeous on her wedding day with Prince Rainier III.


Insta Random

Im having a very busy semester,that i can only sleep well 3 days/week top!!! I love fashion,i know i have a big passion for it.But sometimes its just exhausted..i've done so much freaking research about fashion,i mean,A LOT!!! And now,im getting tired of it if only you know what i mean.I dont hate it,im just really tired-physically and mentally. But i do feel grateful for all of the knowledge i've gained and i am also interested in alot of it.Top of the list maybe about the late 18th century early 19th century.Im fascinated about the changing in the silhouette and the very unique corsets.Also the craftmanship from 2 centuries ago WOW me,i just wonder how can they made things looks like we now call "haute couture" like that.
So maybe a specific post about that era? 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 


Little Black Dress

I'v been doing research about many designers from 20th century and CoCo Chanel is one of my favorite.Yes,of course.This Picture is Audrey Hepburn from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" wearing the one and only Little Black Dress,if you know what i mean,the "it" dress,the iconic dress,the legendary.

From me with lots of love,hope you have a great week my lovely readers.



DIY - your T-shirt

Today is a lovely day so im sitting on my chair blogging the first DIY post for my blog.As some of you may not know what is DIY,it stands for Do It Yourself...and it can be anything,from crafts,art ... to hairstyles,nails,fashion.So im really excited for this new post,it is quite hard for me to explain step by step for you guys but i tried my best and im really appriciated your comments.
I have many t-shirt from my brothers that i love to mix it up and wear to school but some are just not right for one or other reasons that i rarely wear.So i think of  some ways to make them over ( some ideas are mine and some was inspired from random youtuber ).I Hope you like it.

Choose the t-shirt and you want to makeover and let's start!!!

 cut it off into many threads ( 1cm each ).Remember that it is totally FINE if you can not cut it in a straight line,i cant either,but it will be ok after you see the finished product.

 What it looks like when you're done.See... its like a mess...but after you wash it,it'll be perfect

 Then cut off the sleeve into many threads like so

  Coming to this step,you may want to stop and get this beauty to wash but i prefer adding more"Bohemieng" into it...So i tied the 2 threads into 1 knot

 And each threads from 1 pair with another like so...(my English here get confusing)

 And here is the complete look!!! I will post the full look with this T-shirt when the feather things that i odered online come home

 This is a simple one.I choose a t-shirt and turn it into a crop top.

 I cut off about 20cm in length at the bottom of the t-shirt

 Then i cut off the sleeve

 And here it is

Random spot on a skull printed-tshirt

Also some random spot,and i also cut off the neckline to turn it into a one shoulder-off top.And a twist with the left sleeve 


Instagram random

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Few pieces from Valenciani

I was so confused between those 2 lovely dresses...

but i made my choice and i think it is the right one for the Dep Runway Fashion show 


A DIY braid-updo 

Yummy Coconut ice-cream

 Yummy egg tarts

Blue sky,Italian soda and its really good

Beautiful Neon colors

DIY nails

Have a great week everyone!