Gradient/Ombre Nails

Its been so long since the last post was published,and I'm sorry for that.My mom will come home from the 2 months-trip to the USA tomorrow and I'm quite excited,I miss her,and I know she has some goodies back for me,so the goodies post will soon be up.haha! The matter is my house wont be in a confusion as the past 2 months ( me and my Dad are kinda messy while my mom is very clean! ) and many good food are await!

About the nails,as you can see,the fading between 2 or more colors which is called the Gradient or Ombre Nails.You can search on youtube or google for the tutorial,Im sure you will LOVE it and it is impressively easy,trust me! Here are some pictures and video that i recommend you to take a look,because after like 20 videos on youtube,and 50 pictures from Google I like those ones the most,and i think it may be helpful for you,if you don't want to go around to find a good tutorial and color idea! 
Easy,breezy,beautiful <3

My mint-pastel yellow version of Gradient/Ombre Nails

Ohter amazing pictures from Google 

My puppies

Food Fight Project,I love Coco Rocha's pic

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