The first 2 pictures are from my own creation assignment about making layout for a personal Magazine from the available magazine.Which means i have to cut out many pages from different magazines and combine and associate it in my pages...all by hand!!!And here are 2 page of the total 5.The cover page is the cutting off flowers from Stella McCartney Ad and the model from Harper's Bazaar fashion photo shoot i think (i'm not sure about this).So you can see the flower took a lot of work to do,but i was worth it!!!Personally i think i nailed the Retro Spring target that i wanted it to be.What do you think about this? 
Because i already handed in the assignment to my teacher so not until the end of august,i wouldnt have it back!!!
Other pictures are random from the last week,have a nice weekend everyone <3

 The Name Rouge is the idea of my brother,it is French means Red.And i do think it sounds like a real Fashion Magazine.

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