END OF MAY. That means summer has officially come.There are 2 seasons in the year that i love the most,winter and summer <3,even though in VietNam we get to wear shorts and tanks the whole year,in summer it just feels different.I dont like the overwhelming HOT,but the rest of it,its just PERFECT.

I love the  summer vacations-which i hope will come soon,and as i told you in the last post,i love water,so maybe not the pool yet,but in my bath tub 2-3 times a day? I know its not good for my skin ( but it is HOT- i mean the humid hot and its not good) so im gonna use some products for skin to avoid the dryness.I have here for the face is Johnson's baby cream-actually is for baby,but you know,they use this for baby so this is totally safe to any adult skin,especially sensitive like mine.And for the body i have the Vaseline healthy white lotion,Its UV -anti and helps lightening skin-Which i need,because the sun here is really intense.And i want to keep my skin white,like healthy white,not pale.(I dont look good in tan so its not an option for me) So i really need to think about some sun cream for daily use,beBluecause i havent found the perfect one for me.Any advices?

Short: Refuge
Ba: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: bought in Thailand

this is the amazing popping candy that my boyfriend got for me in the US :x

Johnson's baby cream and Vaseline lotion

Keep working on the research book about " Usure et Industrier",i'll show you when it is done :)


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