hello summer

TRAVEL.I had a great trip to Ninh Chu beach at the center-south of Viet Nam last summer,and just do you know i am a summer lover.Love swimming,sunny,pool,beach,water,bikini...haha.Here in Ninh Chu,one step out of the resort,you will find it the typical suburb of the country,peaceful and quiet.The Aniise Vila Resort is beautiful,and my favorite part of the resort is definitely the dark blue (almost like black) pool.
I only stayed there for 2 days,and i didnt get many chances to take any photos at the beach because i dont like being on the salty water (even though i love the beach,i just hate the part that the water get into my eyes,and sand sticking everywhere on my body),so it was a bit pity.I promise i will BE on the beach,in the water and sand with many beautiful pictures.

Any tips for the beach-trip luggage for the next time?

dark blue pool

The pink bubble sandals


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  1. great pictures

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  2. thank you for your comment.I just follow you on Bloglovin' and if you want,you can follow me back,i appriciate that <3

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